Before you ask, I'm 4'9

Shitty customers, could you all stop asking me how tall I am and making comments about my height? If you said these things to me outside of work I'd have no trouble telling you off. You gain nothing from making unnecessary comments about my appearance, I am just here to bag your groceries and be friendly and believe it or not, despite being a "sweet little thing" I am just as competent if not more competent than my fellow employees. Would you like me to ask you how much you weigh? I don't think so. So fuck off. Cute, little, tiny, these are not compliments to me. You are perpetuating the experiences that have made me self-conscious and feel physically inadequate my whole life. I'm trying to work and make money to live and I'm not your fucking circus attraction. Shove it, and leave it. —small and angry grocery cashier

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