not to be rude, but nova scotia is still i bit backwards

my first comment about moving here from another province is what the hell is up with buying a car and having to go all the fucking way out to bayers lake to get some god damned licence plates. really, that's the only place for anyone in this whole city to have to go.

and now the second thing, and it's government related also: went to buy a fishing licence. not only can one not do that like i am used to with a smart phone(yes other provinces you can do this online) but here you find a 'vendor' online and go to 5 stores, non of which have them, and then are told that even if you buy one now it will only last three more weeks, and then you have to buy a new one april 1st because you don't get them for a year from the day you buy them, but for the fixed calender year that the ministry deems to be best for them. this in itself isn't the fucking piss off, because really they aren't that expensive, but the fucking joke that makes these assholes seem imbred is that the only place you can get a license this time of year is by driving all the fucking way to waverley. really. that's worse than the god damned licence plate folks. looking forward to seeing my upcoming tax dollars spent on antiquated office sitting dog fuckers who can't be bothered to do anything useful at all. urgg. —Warmly Welcomed Lover of Facetiousness

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