You have your own boyfriend!!!

I know people will make fun of this bitch... But I don't care.

I've been in a long-distance relationship for a year and a half now. My boyfriend lives 5 hours away, so it's not the worst. He called me, (really) drunk last night to say hi and we spoke on the phone for a bit. All of a sudden I hear his roommate's girlfriend barge into our bedroom, grabbing and pulling at my boyfriend and telling him to come back downstairs. He tried to explain to her that he was speaking to me and would come down in a bit, but this girl was relentlessly grabbing at him, and telling him she didn't care that I was on the other line, and questioning whether he really loves me or not.

He had to physically remove her from the bedroom.

What kind of girl follows another girl's boyfriend into his bedroom, and then refuses to get out!? On top of that, what kind of girl does that, especially when her own boyfriend is sitting downstairs!?

I trust my boyfriend 100% and I have no worries about him ever cheating on me, or lying... But is it wrong of me to hate this girl now? It's not like I'm jealous, or think anything would ever happen... I just want to kick her for being such a disrespectful twat! I can't help but feel that way about her now!! —Bothered

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