Why is there no help here?

There is no access to mental health services in Nova Scotia. None. You can go to "community mental health" for a peptalk and an invitation to circle time and that's it. You're lucky if you even see anything more than a social worker.

Is there GP Psychotherapists? Hell no - that would make sense. And even if there were, the MSI system would only pay 4 hours a year to the Dr. per patient.

Even private health plans here don't cover mental health. Employers would rather see you go insane and quit / go on disability (which costs them exponentially more) than to provide some basic mental health coverage in your benefits package.

No wonder this place is full of oxycontin using, drunk, nut jobs. There is no other choice then to go it alone. It sure makes those pills or bottle of alcohol seem like a good option.

As my Dr. says, the government would rather deal with you on the other side (i.e. they'd prefer to see you in jail and THEN give you access to a psychologist, hospital etc. than actually provide preventative or treatment services. )

How often do we hear mom and dad crying on the evening news because they coudlnt get the help for little johnny that he needed until he went and murderd so and so, or tortured that dog, or burnt down that house, or stole that car... what the fuck ? —Can anyone help? Another example of why this place is so fucking backwards.

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