hey boss!

Please get your shit together. I would personally LOVE to have the work schedule up, at minimum, a week in advance. But instead, week after week, we continue to get the schedule one DAY before the new work week. WIth most of us working the same shifts (except for the occassion when you decide, just for the hell of it, the throw in random shifts) I really don't see why you would make it this hard on yourself, and us! I would really like to make plans or a vacation but I find myself having to wait around for your stupid schedule.

And FYI, you're also violating the nova scotia labor laws by not giving us a week's notice on our work schedule. But hey, this is Nova Scotia, it's not as though minimum wage workers have any rights at all. We're all completely complacent in this seemingly flawless dark ages race called "who is the most desperate for employment" —I heard in Ontario and BC you actually have rights.

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