gender impairity

seems to be some weird shit in the water when it comes to male/female relations in the 2010s. now that women can take care of their own business, it seems like men have not only given up trying to take care of women, but themselves too. why are there so many unemployed, unambitious, non-committal 30+ year old 'men' in Halifax? it's bizarre and unusual. meanwhile, women are really ramping it up, buying homes and advancing careers and having families on their own, but alone. it's too bad. it seems like a combination of bad economics and a few decades of telling men not to be men. the modern male identity has been vilified to the point of rendering men fucking useless. i am in favour of equality but i am still a woman and it would be nice to encounter a male-identifying person who wasn't a selfish immature slack-off loser who has no idea how to 1. date a woman and 2. provide for her or himself. how will i spread my seed and find a suitable mate when i'm more successful than almost every man i know? it's too bad really. for them. —fix it, you fucks

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