Transit Driver Appreciation Day...REALLY?

Not teachers appreciation day, not nurses appreciation day, not even a day of appreciation for first, what we need is a day set aside just to specifically appreciate the city's most over paid position in the municipal job force. Hasn't even been two years since that strike had me walking my ass to work and back in the freezing cold. How quickly they must think they forget. And just today, after seeing the front page story about how we're expected to appreciate you turds, I arrive at my bus stop to find the bus has arrived earlier than usual (generally it's almost 5 minutes late) I run to catch up, I see the driver look right at me - does he wait the 10 seconds it would have taken me to get to the door? Of course not! That would be much better customer service than you could ever expect from a transit driver. Comfortable job + Union + 70,000 or more a year = a big fuck you to the public if they don't like it and now an appreciation day, too! —You gotta be fucking kidding me

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