It really doesn't matter if 'It was yellow!'

To the driver in the white van who nearly slammed into the back of my car on North and Oxford for slowing/stopping at a cross walk after the light had gone yellow while blaring his horn, and then decided to role down his window just to scream 'Bitch' at me. I'm sorry if you frustrated because you felt I could have made the light, maybe I could, maybe I couldn't have. I myself have also experienced feelings of road rage: the entitled thinking that the cars in front of me or the construction should just part like the Red Sea, so I can get to where I need to be. However, some drivers actually don't feel comfortable flooring it when the light is about to go from yellow-to red to make intersections, especially considering the Chebucto-North-Oxford merge is weirdly prone to accidents. Drivers aren't psychically connected, so you shouldn't assume that the person in front of you also drives like you do. Next time don't either speed and or tailgate, pay attention to the road, and don't roll down your window just so you can verbally abuse the person whose car you almost wrecked as a result of your shitty driving. —The person you almost hit

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