Hipsters Do Suck

There is a blog that used the term “cultural vampirism” to describe the nature of the hipster subculture—a group comprised mainly of young people parading around in tight vintage clothing and basking in the ironic exploitation of pop-culture fashion taboos that have made a recent comeback on expensive runways. Not a fan of those people who say "we care" about the environment and don't drive a car and are walking vessels of expensive Lululemon and ridiculous fedoras and for awful 1950s throwback loafers that scream "Mad Men extra." I think it's hilarious that you don't own a car yet need to spend more money on clothes and weed to sink a ship. In order to preserve the authenticity of their individualism, hipsters deliberately don’t self-identify, taking cover under the guise of being indifferent to the identification of their own subculture, and by feigning oblivion to their hipster membership in the first place. -Chill Pill

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