WTF?! REALLY YOUNG PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!22222two22!!!

Why do young people suck so badly?! They're sullen, un-worldly, can't remember their elders' names, can't drive and they don't even like each other. And I'm supposed to show these punks respect? Why? Because they can’t buy chips for a quarter like we did 60 years ago? They'll tell you off, shove a shopping cart into you and then piss themselves and act all bewildered when you're not respectful to them?! Yet if I call any one of them on their bullshit, I'm the asshole? This makes no sense to me whatsoever. Now that we baby boomers are coming into this age demographic, I think it's time for me to go out and get a baby-booming beat stick so they can respect my authority! Yeah, yeah, there are one or five cool young people, but that's less than one percent of them. Move them to L.A. so they can take a dip in the La Brea Tar Pit. -They Say OLD PEOPLE Are Getting Worse And Worse, But It's Young People

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