Proof Common Sense is More Rare Than Live Dodo Birds

So it's now blatantly obvious...rocket scientists—while very smart when it comes to getting those ships into space and even having people survive for long periods of time while floating around up there—none of these people have any common sense.

For awhile I have been reading stories seeing TV/videos of people planning on manned Mars missions. Lately there are as well as government cooperative efforts looking into it. Private companies are also talking about sending people out to live on Mars. In case you've never bothered to check...Mars is a fuck of a long ways away, with our present fossil fuel space craft!

The moon, which is in comparison with our primitive technology, just across the street. While the moon has had a few manned visits, only 12 men have been on the surface, and the longest stay was just over three days.


After all, why send people out from earth on a 10-month or longer flight to Mars and see if they can survive there, with biospheres and equipment that cannot fail, but has only ever functioned in the vacuum of space or a couple hours on the moon. But what the hell, eh, let's just send them pretty much beyond any practical chance of rescue up to Mars! WHEN WE DIDN'T BOTHER TO FIND OUT IF THEY CAN SURVIVE on a planetary body close by and where a rescue could actually have a chance at success!

Come on someone in the field of planetary exploration, get your brain focused on actually having people survive after they arrive, and are so far away as the only thing a rescue mission could do is bring back the bodies!

Or am I completely missing the point and all they really want to do is send someone out there so they can be the first group, of people to die on another planet. I can think of cheaper ways to thin out the human gene pool! -Common Sense, Rarer Than A Higgs Bosun Particle

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