I can't believe my ears

I've got a lot of respect for the women who work in Halifax's only skin joint—however I couldn't believe my ears when the day manager (who's always got this greasy appearance, like you've caught him in the middle of wanking) tore a strip out of one of the dancers for NOT taking clients from the bar home with her, or giving out their real numbers and making an effort to do more than dance for them. This is unbelievable! And it took a lot of effort on my part to not step in and yell at him for making her cry because she wouldn't take home strangers from the bar she worked at...I have no idea where in the job description of "stripper" that "unpaid escort" comes into play, especially if that girl has a boyfriend of her own. I think its downright dirty, those girls have to put up with enough crap as it is, and adding that to the pile?! Thank god I only serve, how long before I'm supposed to bed randoms with thick wallets...ugh. No hope for the human race, well at least that guy. -Pizza Troll Not A Bedroom Troll!

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