To All The Women Who Still Flush Their Plastic Tampon Applicators:

I just don't get you. Why would you flush your applicator? Are you also flushing your kids' diapers? Or your cutlery and plates when you are done eating? And why do you still buy plastic applicators when there are cardboard ones available? The other day my two-year-old daughter put a "pretty" pink applicator in her mouth while playing at the beach, not knowing that this thing has already seen the inside of a woman's vagina. How gross is that? (Seriously, do they really have to be pink?) GROW UP and take on some responsibility for your environment. I am not a Canadian citizen but I love the beauty of this country and it makes me sad and angry to see all these tampon applicators washed up on the shore (not to mention Tim Hortons cups...). -Angry Applicator Hater

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