Tired of Being Assaulted

I am tired of being assaulted by skanky cigarette smoke at every bus stop I need to go visit. You know who you are: you're entitled to smoke where you please, just because you are outside. Well I consider it an assault to my person and criminal negligence that you are within 13 feet of me in the bus stop, even after I pointed out that you were in the wrong. Your attitude was after you lit your smoke and set your purse inside then you might move....all of six feet away. Like can't you see that your smoke blows inside this plexiglass square, bathing the rest of us with your noxious fumes?

Furthermore, I don't get that common assault and speeding are also covered by legislation just like Smoke-Free Places. The first two result in tickets. The smoking in smoke-free places is ignored and no one takes enforcement seriously. If it is the law, where are the enforcers? I even have to walk through the haze to get into the hospital! What kind of message does that portray? -Tired of Smelling Ashtrays Trying to Get Around the City

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