Bicycle Bells

I would like to remind all citizens sharing our city streets and sidewalks in the proper use of a bicycle bell/horn. Cyclists should always ring their bell when approaching slower moving traffic...pedestrian or cyclists...from the front or the rear. Just a jingle, no need to lay on it. The bell is not meant to shoo people out of the way, but to alert them that a bicycle is approaching. Simply a "heads up" so I don't startle a little old lady into pooping her panties.

It is the overtaking cyclists responsibility to then make a safe move to get around the other party. Kind of like overtaking/passing vehicles on the highway with your car. Pedestrians, don't give me a dirty look when I jangle my bell. I only want you to be aware of my presence. Cyclists, don't be douches: ring your bell, have safety lighting, wear reflective clothing and drive safely obeying all vehicular laws. -Old Guy Cyclist That Does Not Wear Spandex

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