Driving down the left lane of the road. Running a red light after having stopped five seconds for it. Going the wrong way at the roundabout. Turning so slowly that I think that it's the wind pushing the car forward instead of the engine. Blocking the intersection of a four-lane road for no apparent reason. Stopping in the middle of the road. Blowing through a red light and forcing pedestrians to flee for their lives. Stopping in front of my car, letting in car after car while there is NO ONE behind me. Cars parked, blocking driveways. Cars suddenly stopping at GREEN lights. Where did I notice all this? Was it on that show "Canada's Worst Drivers?" was my morning commute in Halifax today. People are stupid enough in this city when it's nice weather out. One fucking drop of rain falls and all intelligence and common sense flies out the window. I think over 80 per cent of this city needs to take a basic driving course. Not only do they drive excessively slow for an "urban" area, they drive like bleeding idiots! Fucking rural drivers in a pretend "big city." I'd like to see you drive during rush hour in Montreal, Toronto, Boston, New York or London. Drivers there would push you off the road. —Didn't see any cyclists

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