hiskey dick

Why is it that all men claim to love eating pussy but then when it comes down to it, all they end up eating is their words. I wasted over an hour sexting this idiot last night and only agreed to meet up with him because he said he loved eating pussy soooo much. So we had a few drinks and got down to it. His oral skills consisted of a two-second tongue flick no where near my clitoris. So we proceeded to sex, which wasn't half bad until his dick went limp on the 5th pump. All he did was shrug and pull his pants back on. If a woman did that to a guy, just packed it up right there in the middle of the action, before HE came, he'd be pretty pissed. Men, if your dick doesn't work for some reason and you cannot perform, you still have a horny woman laying there in front of you! You also have 10 fingers and a tongue for a reason! Additionally, there is a little invention called a cock ring, go buy one. Here I am risking life and limb as a single woman inviting a stranger over for sex. Could you at least do your part and make me cum, you lazy piece of shit? —NEXT!

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