Are you serious ?

I just read another story on how our wonderful NS Turkey Producers Marketing Board, with the full support of our Agricultural Minister Keith Crowell. Are shutting down local slaughter houses & attempting to shut down small farmers raising free range turkey's & being able to sell them to those of us who want it. On top of this I seen a vid on the internet of Mr Keith Cowell saying he would "like to see it be made illegal for people to raise & slaughter their own own birds " ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME Sir ??!!?? You have to be the biggest dick in a long line of political assholes to come through here in our entire history ! How does someone like him get checked to see just how far up his ass the Big Agri businesses have got their hands shoved up there ? Anyone remember the last time a free range turkey poisoned anyone here ? Anyone remember the last time there was a massive recall & Consumer Alert posted on Free Range local turkeys ? How about anyone recalling a Listeria outbreak at one or more of the Big Agri Business meat packing plants ? I remember several of those, particularly the deaths of 22 people in 2008 all of them by Maple Leaf foods processed meats. So you go ahead & make it illegal here Mr. Agricultural Minister & I guarantee on that day , I will source some turkey chicks, raise them here in my rural home & call the media the day I slaughter them & consume them ... I'm thinking free range deep fried whole turkeys, I even know someone who rents the deep frying units. Sincerely ..!., —MoreFuNGoDBlesS

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