No Surprise

You always were a self serving, judgmental and immature bitch. You treated me like shit but you played the part of the victim so well that I still felt the need to want to help you only to find out that you are a gold star contributing member to your own manipulative and dysfunctional relationships. That you purposely seek them out so that you can fulfill your own deranged needs for attention. Watch out friends! I can attest to the fact that she talks shit about each and every one of you and apparently its not beneath her to get with your ex love. In fact, she's into it. Back to you: You're not the only one participating in the relationship but you sure are the only one manipulating and using him for his money. Pathetic. I wonder how quickly you'll drop him when the well dries up, the trips stop and the debt collector letters start arriving. At least I can take great satisfaction in knowing that that mouth your kissing has been ALL up in my pussy and that genetics has already fated that you're gonna blow up like a blimp just like your mother. —Karma might get me for that last bit but you fucking deserve it.


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