Bar Daze

I went to a fine dartmouth pub establishment on the weekend and had such a shit time. I'm only 35. Am I really too old to enjoy going out to the bar? We were sitting at a booth having our drinks, trying to engage in conversation but there was a speaker right there on the ledge pumping the most ungodly music at an unbearable level, right into my eardrum. I couldn't hear a word my friends were saying. Then the flashing lights started, whirling and shining bright neon light right in my eyeballs, forcing me to constantly squint from the glare. Within 30 minutes I had the worst headache known to man. What an awful environment. No wonder the joint was practically empty. Put the stupid speakers by the dance floor and fuck off with the speakers by the booths. Nobody needs music pumping right into their friggen ear at the table when they're trying to conversate. Ditch those stupid strobe lights too! If a person with epilepsy were to go into that bar, they would be seizuring in no time. It's not cool. It just sucks. No way I was waiting another minute on my designated driver. The 40 dollar cab fare was worth it just to fly the fuck outta there. Same thing with the malls. I just want to be able to think when I pick out an outfit but you can't because the teeny bopper bubblegum pop music is so loud you go into a frenzy. You just grab, buy, spend spend spend spend!! Just to get the fuck out of there as quick as possible because you can't stand the racket. It's all about confusing the customer, sense-deprivation to make them spend more. Like at the bar on the weekend, buy more and pour more drinks down your throat just so you can stand it. Fuck that, I'm outtie! —My bar days are over!

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