Laundry Room Revenge

This is to the asshole who pulled my clothes out of the dryer just 10 minutes after it finished drying. I was about to go in there the minute it finished to put it on for another 20 minutes because the dryers in this building suck, but I got distracted and needed to take an important call. Only 10 minutes later, I walk in to my damp clothes sitting on the counter and your shit in being dried! So here I am with damp clothes and nowhere to get them completely dry, all of the other dryers were being used. Plus instead of paying just for 20 minutes I now had to pay for a brand new cycle! I wasn't going to take that though. I pulled your ugly fucking rags out and tossed them on the FLOOR and put my shit back in and got em dry with the hot air that YOU paid for. Hope you enjoy rewashing your white trash attire. Next time learn some patience and don't be so quick to toss other people's laundry out! —This tenant don't fuck around

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