You took her man and you're bragging about it, bitch!

You were unlucky in love for all of your 33 years of life and stated many times the good guys were taken. So what do you do? You find yourself a paired up guy, a guy who was my best friend's boyfriend for 7 years! Plenty of single guys around but you pursue a man who was already with an awesome girl. How clever and manipulative you were to snag him from her...joining a club he was in to have him be around you more and get to know you better, and I knew this was the only reason why you would join this particular club since you don't even like the activities there, not to mention you're not even into the environment yet you started volunteering in environmental activities just cus he did! What did you do, exactly, to get him to fall out of love with her and be with you??? Wtf do you have over my best friend, you thoughtless selfish cow?! My girl is already heartbroken and you know this, but to add insult to injury, you go tag him in a meme on facebook that stated along the lines of "someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else"!!! She saw that, you know! She still has HIM on facebook! Do you like rubbing the fact that you destroyed a wonderful relationship she had with the love of her life in her fucking face?! It ruined her day, fuck, her WEEK! Fuck you, there is a special place in Hell for insensitive homewreckers like you, and Satan will be welcoming you with open arms when you pass onto the other side! —Angry Bestie


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