Better to have loved and lost...? I wonder.

A year ago, you broke my heart. It still hurts. I guess you had your reasons. Don't we all. And you've apologized, at least for some of it. But I can't forgive you. How could I? What you did is still hurting me. A god damn year later and IT STILL FUCKING HURTS. I wish you'd leave so I'd never have to see your lying, arrogant, self centered face again. And no, of course I won't be your friend. I don't know how you ever convinced yourself that would be the case. And if you ever change your mind and try to come back, (and I wouldn't put it past you) you'd better keep it to yourself, because I will smack that idea right out of your selfish head. And then I'll go on a lovely date with the person I'm with now. A person who cares about something other than herself. You could learn a thing or two. —Angry that you can still hurt me.

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