WTF Sex Survey!

So I'm taking the sex survey, leering at my screen as fond and tragic memories come flooding back... and then a frown creases my face. The questions start getting really weird, like having someone walk in on you or you them... well how about neither! If you hear grunting don't open the bloody F'in door!! Why isn't there an option for neither!?! OR tell your partner to go to the gym or have a threesome.. how in the sweet bloody shit are those two even connected? and again why isn't there a neither option, or how about both!! It's like asking if you've ever breathed air or smoked crack in the same question, it's idiotic if you want to get any useful answers! Did they get some ten year old drunk and have him point to different words on a piece of paper to determine what words they'd use in the questions? Second thing I have a problem with is that it seems to be geared towards college people, the questions are about hookups and dating apps, they are a big part of the single sex life but where's the marriage/long relationship sex questions!? I know you go for a target market coast but you don't have to be twenty, single and in college to be having sex!! —Sex Survey Sux Slightly

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