Share the road but stop being too nice!!!

So I have been commuting from Halifax to Dartmouth for about 9 months now via the Mackay Bridge.Going to Dartmouth is fine,hardly any traffic.Coming back during rush hour is an absolute nightmare!If it's not the cheaters who can't seem to choose their lane after the tolls and try to cut in on the other side of the bridge,to the idiots that let them in!When I am behind someone going so slow that there are almost 2 car lengths between them and the car ahead,I get so frustrated because they are letting 4 or 5 cars cut in which makes my commute even longer.It's called bumper to bumper traffic for a reason.I choose my lane at the beginning because I know in advance where the hell I'm going so I don't have to cut in front of someone.To the cheaters who like to cut in?You are only creating slower traffic because everyone behind you must wait for some idiot to let you in! —Stay in your own lane!!!!!!!!

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