SuperBowl and the CRTC

Dear CRTC you guys are a bunch of fucking IDIOTS - People in Canada are so short sighted when it comes to the Superbowl - we want to see the american commercials. WAH !!! Guess what all you stupid fucks - someone has to pay to see this shit right now a canadian network pays for the rights to show it in Canada - doesn't matter which network buys it they have to sell commercials to pay for it. That network will simulcast on U.S. networks instead of having them Blacked out. If you were the NFL you would sell to the highest bidder and if nobody buys it for Canada maybe they demand a Blackout in Canada on the U.S. networks. Our CRTC demands it be broadcast in Canada without inserting commercials from Canada so where is it payed for ??? What Business will be stupid enough to pay the NFL millions of dollars to make ZERO money on it ----- FUCKING DUH!!! ---- NOBODY. A company can only make money on a Pay Per View situation in Canada. Sombody has to pay the NFL for their product - it used to be the Canadian Advertisers. If it goes to CBC then taxpayers pay - otherwise maybe it is individuals on pay per view or maybe you have to subscribe to a sports network - I liked it better for free - remember there isn't any business that wants to toss money in the trash. Good old stupid short sighted Government of Canada and their appointed Idiot squad at the CRTC. one year of not being able to see the game at all will bring a few more complaints than Canadian comercials ----- YA THINK ?????? —Canadian and NFL fan


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