An Unexpected Ally

It was around 8:30pm when I hit the three-hour mark of the most epic “snow-vs-shovel” driveway battle of all time. So far the snow was winning. I found myself facing the icy wall that waited in between the sidewalk and the road. The sidewalk was at my back. The wall towered over me as if I was a wildling at the doorstep of the Night's Watch. To the right came a deep rumbling noise. I hesitantly turned my head, knowing full well what was to come; the sidewalk plow was on the horizon. Was all my effort in vain? Were my hard won trenches to be destroyed? I stepped aside to give way and bowed my head in submission to the beast. All of a sudden the creature swerved off its trail and pierced its way through my ice-wall foe as if a knife through butter, or peanut butter... or almond butter. Thank you sidewalk Snowplow Driver! Where once I saw an enemy, now I see a comrade. Let us, the brave Canadians, continue our eternal fight side-by-side (at least until the summer). —Is it June yet?

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