Businesses these days have no integrity

I'm so sick of being nickled and dimed every time I leave the fucking house. I went to the store and asked the clerk if he gave cash back. I have to make a purchase from his shit shop and he says for the 40$ I have requested, they charge $1 per $10 cash back. He wanted to get 4 bucks from me and make a sale. This shit does not cost $4... it may cost 50 cents at most for the shop to make this transaction. The only other option is to go to the ATM across the street and pay 2 dollars there and get dinged another 2 dollars from my bank. These pizza shops fucking charge me $2 for delivery when it's supposed to be free delivery just because my order came to $9.75 instead of $10.00. People in Nova Scotia are having a tough time in our crap economy and don't fucking appreciate having to give these businesses FREE MONEY for fucking nothing! I'm sick of it. From now on, the next cocksucker who tries to take advantage of me will be TOLD OFF and will lose my business forever! I'm a good loyal patron, but I will find somewhere else to spend my money rather than feed your greed. —Starving student

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