The 60's-ish man in a car on Allan

You really suck, and you made me hate Nova Scotian drivers even more. Would it really have been too difficult to give me three extra seconds to get past you before having your turn to go? I was driving down Allan St. last evening, which are all single lane because of how much snow is on the sides and with parked cars, following a truck ahead of me. Because of how large the truck was, I didn't realize as we passed two parked cars on the right side (parked in the direction we were going), that you were waiting for the truck to pass before continuing on in the opposite direction. I got 1/4 of the way passed the second parked car, about to veer to my right (ie. back in my lane), but you slowly inched forward so that I had to slow down even more. You KEPT inching forward, to the point where you were THIS CLOSE to hitting my car. All you had to do was stay stopped in the exact place you were for the truck (and I was close enough behind the truck this would have cost you five seconds of your time; I mean I was close enough behind the truck that I didn't see you waiting for fucks sake), and let me pass, but instead you KEPT inching forward so that I had to FUCKING back up two car lengths so that you could pass first. Are you fucking kidding me? You're an asshole. No wonder there are so many fucking accidents in this province, people drive like assholes. ps: why are people so lazy here? Do you really need to park in front of stores in the fire lanes because it's too fucking difficult to walk 20 feet from the parking lot? Also - those diagonal lines in the parking lot mean DON'T PARK HERE - they aren't fancy looking fucking parking spots. —Ifeelbetternowthanks

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