This goes out to almost every store in Halifax. For the love of God, stop giving change back that is not Canadian currency. I don’t care if it’s American quarters, Honduras dimes or British pence—they’re ALL wooden nickels to me, and they’re all worthless crap. And you're all guilty. I’m tired of coming home and emptying my pockets, only to find that I’ve been defrauded of my hard-earned money by the store I just patronized. Here’s a word of advice, stores: stop accepting foreign change from shoppers, and stop fucking over your loyal customers by putting it back into circulation. The banks are the smartest ones: they won’t accept foreign coins (read: CRAP) for deposit, and it’s high time stores and shoppers stop taking crap as well. Try paying with Canadian coins in another country: they reject it. So why do we accept foreign coin here? I tell you what I do with it though: I pay bus fare with it. Let the city sort it out. Or better yet, dump it by the barrel full into the harbor. —Pissed off shopper

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