If you're that lazy get a cat, not a puppy!

Ok, so you wanted a cute little puppy, you got a cute little puppy. Puppy needs to go out to pee at 2:30 am on a frigid February night and rather than put appropriate clothes on, a leash on the dog and venture out in your backyard you instead let the 12 week old puppy out on his own? Now he's lost and a sob case on FB for a sight for lost doggys. You sir, are a loser! And those commenting about 'oh...don't judge, my puppy got off his leash too'! Ok...first off, I'm gonna judge! It's human nature to judge, as it's how we process what is around us to make safe calculated decions. My safe and calculated decision in this instance is that the owner is a selfish tool. Second, the tool of an owner never mentioned he put the dog on a leash. His excuse of an ad on Kijiji (sounds like it's a tween's FB post by the punctuation, or lack of!) doesn't mention a leash. Just say's 'let the dog out to pee' at 2:30 am! iI February.!...did I mention the 'dog' is a 12 week old puppy, the size of my foot? And yes, I get that many dog owners let their dogs out to pee, sans leash...but these dogs KNOW their home, their owner, etc. A 12 week old puppy doesn't! I pray someone found the dog and is keeping it, as this guy doesn't deserve it back....I'm sick and tired of the news stories of somebody's 'mistake' resulting in an animal dying...(i.e. the dog walker that killed 6 dogs). These are not mistakes. A mistake is leaving the milk on the counter, or forgetting a slip on your taxes. A 'mistake' doesn't result in the lose of a life, even an animal. So you miss your 'buddy' and want him back? Tough. Next time take care of your 'buddy' and maybe you won't lose him...god I hope you don't procreate! —Lazy cat owner

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