I'm such a terrible person

She deserves better. I lost my job recently and my girlfriend has been paying the rent since we moved out and will be paying for it until I find a full-time job, but it seems to hard to find one. I've applied to so many places with only two contacting me back. She treats me so well and while I'd like to think I treat her well too I know she deserves better than me. I'm an awful person with no prospects and no future. I've been starving myself because I'm so poor and what money I have is going towards bills like Internet and tenants’ insurance and my ridiculous student loan debt. I'm afraid she will kick me out, which she should to be honest. I hope she doesn't but if she does what will I do? Drive as far west as I can and when I can't drive any further walk as far as I can? But what then? Where will I end up? I know there are people worse off than I am and I should be happy with what I have but it's just so damned hard to be happy. —Where am I going


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