Fuck you 40!

this year myself and the majority of my friends are turning 40. I am so sick and tired of hearing '40 is the new 30' and 'you're only as young as you feel'. Well I feel like shit. My joints ache especially when it rains or snows. I am developing lactose intolerance. I get winded after activities I could breeze through in my 20s and 30s. I can't eat spicy food anymore. I have a very low tolerance for the 'young'uns' which to me now is anyone under 30. I find the volume at the movie theatres way too loud. I'm getting crankier, fussier and am realizing how short life is and I'm starting to understand the term 'midlife crisis':. So enjoy your youth while you have it and don't believe all that advertising shit that shows 4o somethings flouncing around like they are 20. It just ain't so. —lordy lordy

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