Does anyone remember me?

I have such a bad memory which is bad but it's also amazing and terrific which is also bad. I sometimes think back to my childhood and all the amazing adventures I had and all the amazing people I've met and that's when things start going wrong. I can't remember anything short term but my long term is so sharp and crystal clear, it's a curse really. I remember all the people I've ever met or made friends with on family vacations and I think "Where are you now? Do you remember me? Would we still be friends? Do you ever think about me?" I have a few good friends and an amazing girlfriend but when I start thinking of those friends, the friend's I've lost to time, it all becomes hauntingly lonely. I'll most likely never seen any of them again, I don't remember their names but I remember their faces, I remember all my child hood crushes. People have told me they can forget people so easily, I wish I could, that way I wouldn't be in so much pain. Their faces are what haunt me the most —A slave to memory

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