Dear Self

I fucking hate you. You are a subpar human being, and you'll most likely amount to nothing because you can't get your fucking shit together. It's been five fucking years of this bullshit, isn't it about time you got over it??? ADD. depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, fucking being molested as a kid... There are 7.2 billion people in the world, you think you're the only one who's having to deal with that shit? And yet you don't see anyone else fucking up as badly as you always manage to. Stop making fucking excuses for yourself and stop playing the victim. It's taken four years for you to finish a program that should have taken less than two. You have no fucking friends, you're failing all your classes (FUCKING AGAIN), wasting money, and just generally being a waste of human flesh. You can't fucking manage to do anything right. You even killed your fucking fish. Fucking SIX YEAR OLDS manage to take care of fish, and here you fucking are in your early twenties fucking that up too. JFC, you'd think the 5 different kinds of medication you're fucking on would help you somehow become a productive member of society, but NOPE, that's not fucking enough to fix your amount of fucked up crazy. Please, just fucking stop all this shit. Your mom is eventually going to get tired of your shit just like everyone else, and THEN where will you be? Please, just... I just need to stop being like this. Please. —My Own Worst Enemy.

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