Why am I still single!

I never would have dreamed that I would still be single at 54! I watched all my friends get married and I just remained alone! Why was I given such a bad hand?! And why can't I get a date anymore?! Is it because I'm old?! I usually ask out men that are around my age! There was only two younger guys that I asked out in the past 5 years! One was 37 and the other was 26! Of course both said no! So I started asking out old guys who are old like me or even older! They say no too! I even resorted to online dating and I emailed 42 men within the first week I had an account and only one, ONE, man replied! ONE out of 42! I went on one date with him and then I never heard from him again! I was so happy to meet this man so when I didn't hear from him again, I punched a hole in my wall after getting roaring drunk! I can't even get a man's attention! And sex?! What's sex?! I don't even know what it feels like anymore it's been so long!!! I think the last time I got the D it was still the 20th century!! How did that even happen when I am constantly letting men know that I am interested in them?! Not one of them reciprocates the sentiment! My friend bought me a vibrator for my 52nd birthday and I haven't used it once! A vibrator is not the same as a MAN!! I spent this past Valentines Day fixated on the couples who were going out to dinner! Then that night, I laid in my bed wondering how many people were currently having sex while I lay alone with my no-dick-inside vag which has probably closed itself up since nothing has gone in there since the 90s!!! Will I ever have that Love thing?!! Will I????!!!! —54 year old woman who needs a man stat!

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