Winter driving is difficult enough


Yes, another winter bitch! As we all know the city is trying to clear the roads as quickly as possible after each storm. With so much accumulation and so little space roadways become congested and with the addition of the ice from our last storm they have become hazardous in areas. So WHY do Metro transit busses still feel they should be able to operate as usual. On my commute to work in Burnside I tend to get stuck behind these busses often. The usual 2 lane street I take is down to 1.5 in some areas. I know that the busses have the right of way when the indicator lights are on but.... Why am I constantly being nearly shoved off the roadways while trying to pass these stopped busses??? If your indicating to the right I should not have to worry about passing you on the LEFT! The lanes are small, the snow banks are high... it's not easy for any of us to get around.. NO NEED to make things worse by running people off the roads in the few safe areas! Also on a side note. I appreciate the nightly street cleaning but would really appreciate the tractors being taken off the roads prior to rush hour... the morning commute can be stressful as it is and no one wants to be delayed by a tractor going 20kms below the posted speed limit on a main street! —Snow.. be gone!

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