Worst Case of Road Rage EVER

Generally, on a nice, sunny, Friday morning people are happy because the end of the week is finally upon them. This was not the case for one such individual this morning as I was driving my daughter to school in a 50 km/hour zone (I was driving about 45 due to the chunky ice road), and out of no where this van is right on my ass swerving aimlessly all over the road and excessively blowing his horn. Neither me nor my daughter could believe this, but the kicker was this person was a member of our Canadian Armed Forces! I was ashamed to see someone who is supposed to represent our country at the highest and utmost respect be driving in such a careless, wreckless and dangerous manner for no reason at all. In the end, I seriously hope this person reported to work late, forgot his lunch at home and has engine troubles when leaving work this evening. I also don't expect him to ever read this because The Coast is probably a little bit too educated for his Neanderthal brain to comprehend. —Just Trying To Get From Point A to B

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