male musician, repeat offender

I knew it all along, but in denial, I focussed on you
I did not want to face the truth that you were seeing someone else
and seeing them much more often
telling me you were too busy with school
the biggest excuse I sympathized with
and yet now I know that was only part of the truth
prolonging something that felt like more than friendship
you cannot claim you do not agree with polyamory and string two much
younger girls along
and you were trying to be loving to everyone , yes
but that hurts more than telling the full truth
after I am done this, I will invest no more time
unless there is friendship that has lasted, but I feel like you wouldn’t have time for that
It would not fulfill your personal needs
you may have cared for me, but not enough to see what you were doing
so somehow let me know if we can draw each other again
or ill be seeing you only as another plaid-shirted musician playing in a band
I will still be enjoying the show, but feeling so much more alive
focussing on music, I will practice guitar on my own
letting it all go
—not a groupie but a fan

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