Clean Up This Mess

These side streets in south end Halifax are now one-way due to all of the snow this city has gotten recently It would seem that after the snow has fallen the main arteries get plowed, then the side streets get plowed many hours later. Then the campaign is over and whatever the situation on the street is, is just left that way until the next storm. Cars parked on both sides of the street, massive snow banks, sidewalks that aren't cleared and still the odd cyclist, who I'm supposed to stay at least 1 metre away from. That'll work well. A parking ban that is only in effect during storms that some car owners are ignoring anyway. Can we not have our law enforcement drive around and call in the tow trucks for the removal of offending vehicles? Or is it too cold for the comfortable officers to get out of their vehicles once in a while. Would the geniuses down at city hall consider maybe parking on only one side of each street at any one time? Say maybe, odd side of the street on M/W/F and even side Tu/Th This isn't rocket science here, it's common sense. Something severly lacking in this city. Maybe we need a collection of expensive "consultant studies" to figure out what works so well in other jurisdictions before something new, different and effective is even considered. Instead the thought process seems to be, "just leave it long enough, and it'll turn to ice and then we won't have to do anything". It's all good and fine to say "Be Bold". But it doesn't mean very much what when all of the well paid people we've elected and hired, are so totally lacking in insight. —Mikey

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