If You Can't Deliver the Goods, Don't Sign the Contract

Kudos to wheelchair amputee urban hero for shaming and embarrassing HRM with his one-man li'l ice pick removal of an ice barrier! You have proven it's not that winter maintenance guys CAN'T clear it--it's that they WON'T. I live in a street off South Park, and my street and sidewalks are a glacier: 100% ice. 2 days ago a li'l Bobcat rode over the surface of the slimy, bumpy sidewalk (coated with useless black gravel), slicing an 8" wide low ledge into the concrete snowbank bordering its edge. Every morning and every afternoon, I creep sideways along this narrow, minimal-but-better-than-nothing snow ledge: sidestep ... sidestep ... along about 75 feet of lethal sidewalk, clinging at times to the snowbank edge or a tree. Every day as I remove my boots upon arriving at work or later on back home, I offer a silent prayer of thanks: "One more day without broken bones." What is infuriating is the sight of South Park and Inglis Streets, their full lengths and almost full widths consisting of BARE, DRY ASPHALT. My neighbourhood is where most of the universities and K's College are, so there is a huge pedestrian population of students and university employees. There is also a seniors apt building, with persons using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, etc. a common sight 3 seasons of the year--they have now disappeared. Surely denying disabled taxpayers their mobility is a violation of their human rights and/or Constitutional rights and therefore illegal?? And surely leaving fire hydrants and curbside storm sewers exposed and usable should be part of ROUTINE winter maintenance?? As my old Mum says, "Whatever happened to common sense?" I've phoned 311 weekly for 4-5 weeks now to complain about the glacial state of my street and sidewalks and am told: "Oh, but you're a SIDE street." Uh no, I'm a taxpayer, and I resent being blown off because I choose NOT to drive/congest/pollute. Whoever is in charge of sidewalk clearing in the side streets off South Park and Inglis, PLEASE GET OFF THE POT, get out your pickaxes and GET ON WITH IT--enough is enough. —Pedestrians Pay Taxes Too

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