Haligonian Blues: A Stale Culture

It's sad when I run into people who are poor or homeless in this city who've never once ventured beyond Nova Scotia's borders. Some have spent considerably long-lives here, walking the same circuit daily, revolving around the petty pleasantries that their poverty allows them to. It's an isolationist-culture here that has its own distinguished character. It's been astonishing to see how ignorant and in-the-dark these types are regarding prosperity in other Canadian places. They don't get even a tantalizing glimpse of how absurd and dysfunctional this place really is. Many live and die that way... This is for all you low-income and homeless who feel defeated and reluctant to move on and find greener pastures: Give it a chance! Once you get west of Quebec you are entering a considerably more flexible social-services net and a broader job-market and, therefore, a much more improved life. Why sit and stagnate like Keith-so-and-s0 did and his dad did and so on? Why adopt the typical downtrodden uniform of a beard, a plaid coat and paint-on blue jeans? —Never coming back


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