Before you open your mouth, don't.

Everyone complains. I've seen some good bitches here. Lots about the city and the snow. Lots that have comments that say "valid bitch, OB". But when it comes to complaining about assholes that cat-call, well fuck that bitch. It's a totally different story. If you've never had to deal with cat-calling, shut up. I don't need your "advice". You don't know what it's like. "Just ignore it" - Has that ever been a solid piece of advice? But, hey, I'm probably just a fat feminist bitch because I believe that women shouldn't have to deal with this BS. I just want to walk around my city without being yelled at or whistled, and I'm bitched at for it and put down. Doesn't anyone see how absolutely pathetic and disgusting that is? Obviously not, or not anyone here at least. "Been a pleasure! Cheerio! BUH-BYE!" —Keep it to yourself!

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