why halifax crafters hurts halifaax crafters

I'd like to say this to halifax. Our beloved Halifax Crafters is doing this comunity a disservice to craft makers in the hrm. from jury memebers being vendors, to being called a society without a public way to gain membership, chosing clique freinds/employers over skilled craftspeople. This fair is the best attended and a local fav. but when you over look actual local producers in favour of folks from other provinces, its not fair, when you go now all you see is ceramics and a slew of things that were there for the last few years. i feel you are in denial of the fact that you are a family fair, not offering anything for children, or anyone who likes to smile. pretty much becoming a craft fair of just kitchen stuff. keep it going! you are gonna bore yourself out of existance. i hope you can start actually being supportive of our bright craft comunity here and not just being your own haligonian version of mean girls —someone had to say it

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