Gym Etiquette For Dumb-bell Dummies

Bitch #1 - To the zit-laden juice-injecting morons who think it's cool to snap selfies in front of the mirrors in the gym change rooms: Can you not read the signs that say "the use of cameras or other image capturing devices in the change rooms is prohibited"?? Since you are obviously too stupid to figure it out, the phone you are using to take the picture IS a camera or other image capturing device. Allow me to simplify further: you don't take pictures in the change room. Ever. Nobody, with the possible exception of other zit-laden juice-injecting morons, wants to be part of your photographic evidence of narcissistic drug use (look it up). Next time I see you trying to snap a selfie, I'm reporting you to the front desk and I will tell them you were really trying to take pictures of me in various states of undress in the changing room, followed by a call to the police, you creeps. Bitch #2 - To the sauna slobs who don't sit on a towel whilst in the sauna: Can you not read the sign that asks you to please sit on a towel whilst using the sauna?? Who wants to be next to use your seat in the sauna after you let all your sweaty bag and crack juices form an ever expanding puddle of ecch on the bench? Seriously, you shoot eye darts at people who don't wipe down gym equipment, and then you smear your schmech all over the sauna seats without a second thought?? Jeezus. —Gym Ranter

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