Why do you hate your job so much

Hey Mr. 34 Driver, you know, bus 998 driving Scotia Square on Wednesday at 5pm-ish. Why do you hate your job so much? I don't care that you're cranky and have been dick to everyone boarding the past 3 days I've been on your bus. I don't care how you yelled at the nice woman trying to get out by waving her hand in front of the door even though it didn't open (I watched). I just need to know why you hate your job so much. I get there's a lot of traffic, but that's your fucking job.....to drive through traffic. But you have to drive angry and take it out on everybody on your bus with your constantly treating every single stop like it's a panic stop when it's not, to the point of that one older lady falling over on one of the side benches. Driving is not for you, Dude. Find something else to do. —Never driven a bus in my life but could easily drive one better than you

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