Halifax has become a mecca for hipster high-end overly-priced restaurants, coffee shops and stores. This shop local trend in my opinion is a load of crap. I think it crosses a line when the businesses are "owned" by young hip folk, but are actually backed by developers, which in turn will gentrify that area (i.e. Gottingen and Agricola Streets) by starting the change through these businesses, meanwhile working on development and condos. But consumers still buy that shit, thus making it difficult for modest entrepreneurs and artists who want to start a business in Halifax. It has become too expensive for these modest folk to get into this "local business" as rent and taxes are so much due to the high-end trend we see now. That's my rant; there's very little true local business in this city and after living here for all these years I see little reason to stay as the arts and culture scene is full of ego and money. It saddens me more artists and small entrepreneurs who ask reasonable rates for their offerings can't make it in this town. For those that are still doing it, I deeply respect your efforts. — Bitchinainteasy

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