You think THAT was why I haven't contacted you again?!

I hooked up with you once. After that one night, I realized I wasn't feeling it and decided to never contact you again. You never contacted me again either, so I moved on. Then I found out the other day, you apparently said I didn't contact you anymore because I was ashamed of my performance in bed and that I felt too awkward facing you again. You made fun of the way I ate your pussy; I just slobbered all over it to make it wet instead of turning you on enough to lube yourself with your own fluids.....well, hon, it's true - I DID slobber all over it...but not because I didn't know how to eat pussy, it was because you smelled so weird that I questioned your personal hygiene and didn't want to keep your juices in my mouth for any amount of time! I was so turned off that I went soft. I had to pretend that it had nothing to do with you and stated I drank too much to save your feelings, and was only able to get it up again when you went down on me! You need to get that ego in check. I may be ugly but that doesn't mean I don't expect my partners to be washed. —Some guy

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