Negative Nancies

I'm fed up with debbie downers that drown out any voice of reasonability in this city. Whether it be obviously bias media headlines (Councillor spends $25,000 on robot tree), to uneducated twitter spats and all around inability to see past your own circle of influence, people need to learn to consider that outrage for the sake of outrage gets us nowhere. Even when Councillor Johns highlighted the benefits the talking Christmas Tree would bring to an area (estimated $5,000 for a local charity, entertainment and a new tradition for families) that is community minded (and loves gimmicks like talking Christmas Trees), the Halifax media roasted him alive without considering that he may actually know what his district wants. I'm happy to see that Councillor John's Talking Christmas Tree was a huge success. They raised $6,449 for Beacon House over only 4 days, and with a lifespan of 10 years it seems like a solid community investment to me. Now what are the chances any of the local media would admit they were wrong on this one? How about considering that journalism should be unbias, start reporting actual facts instead of spending your time coming up with yet another click bait headline? It'll be interesting to see if anyone even picks up the story of the talking tree's success. I won't hold my breath. —Tree Hugger

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