Despite all my rage,

I'm usually a fairly tender individual—calm, reposed, loving, trying to take care of fellow humans—but shit goddamn I've got some rage lately that I don't know how to handle. Fuck Harper. Sideways. Fuck him sideways into next Tuesday. Fuck Bill C-51. Fuck assholes using vehicles as extensions of their egos coming so close to running over my toes and then flipping me off. Fuck this all-consuming, money-driven, humanity-less culture full of it's disgusting creature comforts. Fuck the depraved landlords who prey on students and impoverished citizens. Fuck this world that seems to care more about numbers and data rather than life and love and feeling. Fuck me for having all this pain and rage and repressed disaster. Thank you for listening whether you agree, disagree, care or don't care. Thank you for being, you beings who try—who try to get by and get along and take it lightly and move on. —I Am Still Just A Rat In A Cage


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